von Gunten Group

Prof. Dr. Stephan von Gunten, MD, PhD, MME

Group members

former Gruppe Huwiler

former Group members

Dr. Quentin Haas
Dr. Kayluz Frias Boligan
Dr. Stefanie Graeter
Dr. Fabiola Schorer
Dr. Christoph Schneider
Dr. Thomas Demoulins, Postdoc (2010-2012)
Dr. Dr. Camilla Jandus, Postdoc (2010-2012)
Dr. Dr. Marc Wehrli, MD Doktorand (2010-2013)  

Our laboratory is interested in molecular mechanisms that control inflammation and cancer. In particular, we focus on protein-carbohydrate interactions in the immune system and on anti-inflammatory effects mediated by Siglec receptors. Siglecs are carbohydrate-binding receptors (lectins) that have recently received particular attention in light of the capacity to mediate cell death, anti-proliferative effects, and inhibition of cellular activities. We recently identified natural autoantibodies within human intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) as endogenous Siglec receptor ligands. The group leader Dr. S. von Gunten is a participating investigator at the Consortium of Functional Glycomics (www.functionalglycomics.org), funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), that aims at defining paradigms by which protein-carbohydrate interactions mediate cell communication. Our group has collaborations with scientists and clinicians from many international and local academic institutions, companies and hospitals.


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