Huwiler Group

Prof. Dr. Andrea Huwiler, PhD

Group members

Group members in Frankfurt

Isolde Römer, technician
Dr. Stephanie Schwalm, postdoc

Our research is focused on sphingolipids and their contribution to physiological processes and pathological diseases. On the one side sphingolipids including ceramide, sphingosine 1-phosphate, sphingosylphosphorylcholine and the therapeutically used FTY720 are used to identify signal transduction pathways mediated by these lipids which may point to novel functions of these lipids. On the other side the regulation of sphingolipid-generating and -degrading enzymes (ceramidases, sphingosine kinases, ceramide kinase) are investigated to understand under which conditions a certain sphingolipid is accumulating in the cell to exert a function. The major goal is it to identify novel therapeutic targets within the sphingolipid cascades which may turn useful in the treatment of diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth and/or death.


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